A Relationship with the Lord by Pastor Ed Young

A relationship with the Lord, with Jesus Christ, is peace. It is assurance, it is happiness, it is joyful, it’s exciting. So, if you get right with God where you are, you’re going to be happy, you’re going to be content, you’re going to be at peace. But this family, they were not at peace. So, finally, they’re on their journey to Canaan, this family, all the flock, all of the wives. And they’re walking, and they’re camping out, and during the trip, you won’t believe this.

During the trip, Dinah, the only daughter is brutally apply it in our lives. But, here’s the situation. Jacob has gone to the Palestine Mall. He’s gone to Canaan Marcus and seen the Georgio Armani full-length coats on sale. His sons have these hand-me-downs, gray, boring tunics, something that’s very functional. They can shepherd in, take care of the sheep and move them here and fight off animals, but Jacob says, “That coat.

It would look beautiful on Joseph.” So he goes ahead and puts down the shekels and he buys the Armani. Well, Joseph is happy. “Joseph, here’s your new coat.” He puts it on. Full-length. Wow. It’s full of colors. And his brothers see it and they don’t like it. They’re looking at their clothes, “Dad, why? Why’d you buy him that coat?” And the Armani is flowing beautifully, and Joseph says, “I wonder if this tie matches that?”

So he gets some new slacks, maybe, some sandals with it.  And the situation is not good. Now, what does Jacob do? Jacob does nothing. He sees the jealousy, he sees this void, this chasm between Joseph and his other sons and daughters, but he does zero.