About Zachheus by Pastor Ed Young

I’m talking about Zachheus.  Jesus went through Jericho.  I’ve actually been to Jericho.  I was in Jericho, oh, about six or seven years ago before the Middle East started going crazy.  We were on a tour bus and we cruised by Jericho and our guide says, “On our left is Jericho.  See, the sycamore trees are still standing.  Many people think those trees are 3500 years old.”  It was incredible!  And probably one of the those trees was the exact tree that Zachheus found himself in that day when Jesus walked through Jericho.

Ed Young Pastor said well, here’s what happened.  In Luke chapter 19 Jesus entered Jericho and was passing through.  That’s all we’re doing with our lives aren’t we?  We’re just passing through.  I don’t care if you live to be 80, 90 years old.  I don’t care if you dine on bean curd and carrot juice.  You’re going to die.  You probably won’t make it to 100. We’re just passing through.  We’re aliens here.  We’re strangers here.  We’re just passing through to eternity.  And if we are Christ-followers, we are passing through to heaven.

According to Ed Young Church that why aren’t we zapped up to heaven the moment we become Christians?  Have you ever thought about that?  Why aren’t we just all of a sudden looking around and saying, “I’m in heaven!  Yeah!  I like that!  I prayed the prayer with Ed and I’m in heaven now, man.  Yeah!”

Well, do you know why we are not zapped to heaven the moment we become Christians? It is because God wants us to take as many people as possible to heaven with us, through multiplication.

Jesus entered Jericho.  He was just passing through.  A man there by the name of Zachheus was in the city.  He was a chief tax collector and he was bling-blinging.  He was wealthy.   Now, you think people don’t like the IRS around here?  That pales in comparison to the way the Jews felt about people like Zachheus.  I mean, check this out.  Zaccheus was a Jew working for the Roman government, taxing his people in an unfair way.  He was not popular but he was bling-blinging.  And he had a poor vertical jump.  And I’ll tell you why I know that.

Let me just close the book and bring you back to that story that I opened up with, you know, when I got out of my comfort zone, walked into my backyard, used the pavestone to pave the path.