God’s Plans And Purposes For My Life by Pastor Ed Young

Ed Young Pastor ask that what does it mean to be found then?  To be found means to be put in place.  I am reconciled to God.  It means to be put to use, to discover God’s plans and purposes for my life.  It means that I am out of danger.  What if you were the sheep?  Out in the middle of nowhere and suddenly the shepherd finds you and you are haaaaaapy.  He saved you, you are out of danger, everything is great.  The lost sheep and the lost coin.  We serve a God who says, “I still haven’t found what I am looking for until I find you and you and you and you.”

That is pretty good, isn’t it?  But let’s ask ourselves this question.  So what?  So what?  Great that Luke 15 talks about lostness.  Great that we serve a God who takes the initiative but what does it have to do with my life in 1997?  I want to share with you four things you need to do because of Luke 15.

The first, you need to understand the reality that we have a God who is an initiative-taking God.  You need to accept that fact.  Remember back in Genesis 3 when Adam and Eve sinned.  They rebelled against God and the Bible says that they suddenly realized they were naked.   So they ran and they began to hide from God.  They covered themselves up with leaves.  The Bible says that God was coming through the garden and called to Adam and Eve and asked them where they were.  This was not some cosmic game of hide and seek.  They called to Him that they were hiding because they were naked.  God knew where they were.  It is like when I play hide and seek with our twins who are three.  They hide in the same place every time, always under the stairs.  “Laurie and Landra, where are you?  Oh, you are under the steps.  That is incredible.  You are so smart.”  God knows where we are and yet we think we can elude Him, we think that we can get away from Him.  We serve a God who is an initiative-taking God, a God who searches and says, “I still haven’t found what I am looking for until I find you and even you.”

Ed Young Church – Now some are saying that they are already there, buying into that.  Yes, you might buy into it.  You might give it lip service.  You might talk it but do you walk it?