Life is the Foundation by Pastor Ed Young

I think this guy said, “Well, I know what I’m doing.  This lot looks fine.  Everything’s okay.  I don’t have to worry about floods, or winds, or rains, or storms.  I’ll just build my house rapidly.  He didn’t really plan. There’s a process to building; plans you must follow: priorities, if you will.  I’ll say it again.  The most important part of a home, or a building, or a structure, or a life is the foundation

How many golfers do we have in the house today?  Let’s go ahead and confess: “I like golf.  I’m a man, a woman, or a student and I like golf.”  Why do you hear so many moans, groans and curse words on golf courses.  You know why?  Sand traps.  We hate sand traps.  We hit this shot that looks promising and then, “Oh, No, in the sand!”  Sand traps are difficult.  Why?  The golf ball has a poor foundation.  It’s hard to strike a golf ball in a sand trap.  If you’re on the fairway, that’s another deal.  You’ve got a solid support.  But sand doesn’t really work.

I think large blocks of us right now are building our lives in sand traps.  We don’t really realize it.  We haven’t really thought about it, but we’re in sand traps.  We’re playing in this superfluous sand.  We’re building sand castles and sand structures, only so the waves and storms of life can wash them away.  A foundation is a priority.  We must plan when we build.